Chaparral's Fruity Tooty Power Drink

In a large saucepan put all your yummy left over apples and pears
Try putting a few dates and raisin too
Add water depending on how many cups you want to make and bring it to the boil – turn down and let simmer for a few minutes
I add a teabag or two of cinnamon apple spice
If you don't have it add your own cinnamon to taste
Sugar is optional – try using

This is the magic part… add Chaparrals PACIFIC SPICE OR WINTER AMBROSIA TO THE BREW
I like to add a pinch of chili powder to boost the metabolism …

If this fruity punch is for the adults … and you truly want to warm the cockles of your heart just add… a splash.. or two … or maybe three of your favorite brandy…. Mmmhmmmmmm!