Fuzzy Navel Tomatoes

Recipe: Fuzzy Navel Tomatoes


2 med tomatoes chopped into 1/4 inch pieces (with juice)

2-4 TBS fuzzy navel vinegar

Directions -  combine in a bowl for 20 min - enjoy -

I was introduced to this vinegar over the week end and combined it with tomatoes as a side dish to scrambled eggs - wonderful!  The left over tomato juice is to die for!

 Try using the strained tomatoes in other dishes - eg add to scrambled eggs just before serving,

use in salads,

slice tomatoes and marinate for a few minutes,  then use in sandwiches or on hamburgers.  (set tomato slices on paper towel for a minute to dry slightly if using bread for sandwiches)

Add the left over juice to sauce, regular tomato juice or a Bloody Mary - Mmmmmmmm


Thanks Faye Wright for this fantastic multi use recipe!