Chaparral Gardens featured on HGTV's new series "Mexico Life"

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This January 1, 2016 at 1:30 PM eastern time ring in the new year by taking a look at our little reality tv spot on  HGTV's "Mexico Life"  Craig and I purchased a home on the Mexican Riviera in a little town called Sayulita.  The house is named


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                                                                                       Some Reflections

 As spring is upon us and we start our planting, I find myself in reflection of who or what Chaparral Gardens is. Seven years ago Craig and I had no ideal we would be immersed in...

Chaparral Gardens Fall colors

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Here are a few pictures Cari took today as one of our first fall rain approached.


We have planted the garlic and laid the cover crop. Now we pray for rain. Fingers crossed



The fall colors from our berries and fruit...

A Quick Bite radio interview with David Wilson

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This is a quick interview with David Wilson's ...A Quick Bite.


Shes Cooking creates a wonderful recipe for our new Kaffir Lime

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This is a recipe from our food blogging friend Priscilla Willis at ..She uses our new award winning Kaffir Lime vinegar. Give it a try!

She's Cookin' photo ProfilePic250px.jpg


I used mini sweet peppers in today’s recipe for Quinoa Edamame...

Edible San Luis Obispo Article Drizzle Me This

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Edible San Luis Obispo — Summer 2013


By Hayley Thomas • Photos By Jayme Burrows

Drizzle Me This The growing grounds at Chaparral Gardens Thigh deep in a sea of green fava beans and sweet peas, Cari Bourquin-Clark and Craig Clark literally wade through their two-acre...

San Luis Obispo Vintages Magazine Article

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We were recently featured in an article from the San Luis Obispo Vintages Magazine. Here's a preview below:

Atascadero couple's organic farm flavors their gourmet vinegars

Chaparral Gardens’ vinegars feature fruits, vegetables and herbs harvested from their organic farm off Highway 41


2014 Sofi finalist!

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We are so excited that our Kaffir Lime has been nominated in the Vinegar category. This is a huge honor and we are humbled to be up again for another gold.

The Specialty Food Association does an incredible amount of work promoting small artisans like us and we...

Beautiful Broccoli...Central Coast Foodie features our Italian Vinegar

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 This is an easy way to use that beautiful broccoli were seeing on the farmers stands. It also uses our Italian vinegar that most everyone always ask......what do I do with it????  Click on this link

Italian vinegar also makes an amazing marinade. Put any cut of steak into a ziplock...

CG Featured In Central Coast Foodie's Spice Blog

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Our friends over at Central Coast Foodie recently featured our Blackberry Balsamic Vinegar in a post titled, Cleansing Foods for Health, Strength, and Happiness. Here's an excerpt from what they had to say:

CookWell Recipes for a Delicious Whole Food Diet
Blackberry Balsamic & Citrus...