Some Reflections

 As spring is upon us and we start our planting, I find myself in reflection of who or what Chaparral Gardens is. Seven years ago Craig and I had no ideal we would be immersed in the food business. We knew we wanted to grow our own fruits and vegetables but we had no ideal it would morph into such an adventure.

I have been both inspired and frustrated by the actual food producers and the business itself. I have been disturbed by those who create chemicals and call it "food". I've been overjoyed and inspired by meeting some of Americas best small artisan producers. Many times I have been overwhelmed by the sheer grit so many have to create anything and call it their own.

And so once again I ask myself......Who am I?  What is Chaparral Gardens ? I am not a chef, even though we produce vinegars and I am constantly feeling as if I never have enough recipes. I am not a farmer even though I constantly have dirt under my nails. All I can do is go back to the beginning and remember our roots. We just wanted to grow really good food that we then could turn into something that lasts. We want it to reach as many as we could without turning ourselves into a machine or becoming part of a cog and forgetting who we are. We hope our little vessels of love can convey what we are about.

A new year of peppers, herbs, berries, peaches, plums....

A new year of taking care of the land and the resources it provides.

A new year of trying yet again to update the website, add new recipes, marketing, packaging and all that goes with being a self employed person in this technically advanced age.

But mostly remembering why we started this and staying true to that vision. Thanks to so many of you that have helped us create such a vision.

May your Spring bring you back to your true self and greatest vision.

Cari and Craig


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