2014 Sofi finalist!

We are so excited that our Kaffir Lime has been nominated in the Vinegar category. This is a huge honor and we are humbled to be up again for another gold.

The Specialty Food Association does an incredible amount of work promoting small artisans like us and we are deeply grateful

We can remember the days at the farmers markets saying to ourselves...if we could only get people to taste it! People were scared. I mean really scared to taste our little samples of lusciousness. We call that time.."paying our dues".


We never knew where it was going to go. But we knew it was going somewhere.

We have gained an incredible love of the land that we  grow many of the ingredients that go into these vinegars. That alone has been worth its weight in gold.

We are looking forward and keeping fingers crossed that we win the gold. But if nothing else we have had a blast making food we believe in.




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