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We were recently featured in an article from the San Luis Obispo Vintages Magazine. Here's a preview below:

Atascadero couple's organic farm flavors their gourmet vinegars

Chaparral Gardens’ vinegars feature fruits, vegetables and herbs harvested from their organic farm off Highway 41 March 25, 2014


Ever wonder whether you’ve purchased high-quality vinegar or a substandard brand? Take a sip.

“On the back part of your palate, you will taste a subtle chemically, metallic flavor” common to mass-produced vinegars, Craig Clark said. “That’s how you tell.”

Clark and his wife, Cari Bourquin-Clark, ought to know. They own Chaparral Gardens Artisan Vinegars in Atascadero, celebrated throughout the Central Coast for its line of gourmet balsamic and fruit vinegars.

Whereas many producers rely on commercially made concentrates to flavor their vinegars, Chaparral Gardens’ handcrafted creations feature fruits, vegetables and herbs harvested from its 2-acre organic farm off Highway 41.

“We’re just crazy enough to grow everything (ourselves),” Bourquin-Clark said.

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